73 BMW 2002 M42 Swap

The m42 swap is one of our specialties.  I did the swap on my personal car about five years ago and have not had to touch anything engine related since.  The m42 comes from the 91-95 BMW 318s.  (91 being the best for the swap).  The engine is light, high revving, economical, and VERY reliable.  If you are looking for mounts check the shop link above.  Or if you want to send your car to us for a conversion please contact us.

This swap was done in a VERY nice 73 golf round light.

For the entire build thread over at BMW2002faq please click here.

On the lift…m10 out, ready for the new heart


M42 in


Everything is installed…valve cover and intake powder coated


Back to the customer….  You will be missed