What a great DD…


I have a problem hanging onto projects…. I love the project it self but once I finish it I just want to start another.  This car started at a 91 318is that I bought after selling my E30 M3.  I wanted something simple and stock that I could modify as I pleased without the worry of messing with an icon (e30 m3).  For the first year or so I just drove it and did very little to it.  The following year the m42 was getting tired and starting to burn some oil so I swapped in an m50.  Another year went past and I wanted more power so the m50 came out and in went an s52.  I refinished the seats and replaced the dash with a crack free example.  A few months later I got the itch for another project so this one had to go.  I sold it to a guy from NC and he flew in and drove it home.  I really do miss this car…

A few pictures….