Is that factory?

It’s hot as hell today but I got some done early this morning.  I am spending time on this and another project I am finishing up(76 turbo m42 2002) and trying not to sweat to death.

Engine is in it’s final location.  Engine mounts are made…..  Still need to make the trans mount but I need to get the rubber mount for the trans.

The funny this is making the mounts themselves really took no time at all.  Maybe an hour total.  The time consuming part is moving the engine back and forth and getting things just where I want them.

The engine sits really low, oil pan is just above the subframe (no picture right now).  There is almost 3″ between the water pump pulley nose and the radiator.  I was able to push the engine back just a little bit more and now the steering arm is clearing without any trimming.

Drivers side exhaust manifold shouldn’t be to bad to make.  Routing the pipe around to the passenger side might be a little trickier.  Just really tight….might have to make the sorta an oval in one spot.

On to some pictures.

Nothing from below yet….maybe tomorrow.  Calling for even hotter temps tomorrow.  I really need to find an AC unit for the garage.