Making room

It’s really hot in my garage right now so I move a little bit slower…  I was also waiting on a set of exhaust manifolds to try.

Made a test bracket from wood to mount the hydro boost.  Should work out nicely once it is in metal.

I will make an adapter to mount the BMW master.

e12 vs e28 steering bits, e28 on the top.  It is all in the car now…helps a TON!  The engine would not fit with the e12 stuff, e28 and I have lots of room now.

The only clearance issue is when you turn allll the way left the bolt on the pitman arm off the steering box touches the trans/oil pan.  I might be able to push the engine back just a little bit more to get around this, or raise it up a little bit or….trim the trans just a tiny little bit.

I am pretty sure this is about where it is going to end up.

Passenger side exhaust is no problem

Drivers side not so much…I was hoping to use a passenger side manifolds flipped and exiting out the front.  But it won’t clear.  So I will just have to make one.  Not that big of a deal.  I happen to have a set of flanges.  It will be 1.5″ off the ports and then goto a 2″ or maybe 2.5″ common runner.

A Couple pictures of that area.

I don’t have any 1.5″ bends right now but this is a 1.25″ to see how it will work.

Hoping to have the engine mounts made on Monday.