Shaft and exhaust

I was waiting on the driveshaft and then was out of town for a long weekend.  Got back at the car today…

Driveshaft in, clears everywhere except at one spot on the subframe.  Broke out the plasma and was able to open it up just enough.

You can sorta see where I had to clearance the subframe.

Transmission mount is made..well tacked up and holding at least.  Still have to add a little gusset on the passenger side and clean it all up.

Started on the exhaust…it is a tricky task getting around everything from the drivers side back to the passenger side.  I had to order one more bend and a few band clamps…nothing else will really fit.

From the top

It’s coming along….the exhaust is more than likely one of the more time consuming things.  Just because there are so many things to get around.   Hoping to have the bend and clamps tomorrow and then thursday I can finish the exhaust.