AC and wiring…

Btw this will have AC….AC fittings and new crossflow condenser came this week.

The e12 uses flare fittings on everything so I had to get adapters to go from flare to the new O-ring style.

Coming off the drier (new one waiting) will be the GM AC pressure switch and the high side port.

Condenser mounted using the stock e12 mounts up top and a couple small brackets on each side near the bottom. You can sorta see the brackets down low.


Started on the engine harness.

I took all the split loom off a couple weeks ago…looks like this.

Then go through and take off most of the tape so everything can be split apart.

Then I de-pin both PCM connectors.
First the blue.

Then the red

All the wires that will get rehooked to the connectors are labeled with the connector color, pin number, and function. Removed wires are just pulled out.

Next step is to pull all the wires apart…remove unneeded circuits. Reroute it…on and on. More pics and details to come.