Belt routing round 2! and more wiring

After some discussion over at BF.c I changed the belt routing a bit. Some guys over there said that the tensioner should be the last thing in the line of accessories. After looking at a bunch of other setups I couldn’t find any with the tensioner not at the end of the line.

So….new routing it was. Belt is a lot shorter. The bracket on the alternator is just temporary as the tension is only held with one bolt right now. Waiting on a new one from the waterjet.


Also worked a bit more on the wiring…I pull the harness all apart to reroute it. Pull out circuits I do not need and also make sure all the wires are in good shape.

So after labeling all the pins as I did before. Next step is to just start pulling out each circuit. Putting ones I keep in one pile and ones not needed in another pile…

Keep pile…the rats nest over to the right is the injector and coil harness. No reason to pull that all apart


The unneeded pile…there are a few other stray wires not needed but this is most of them.