engine back in

Engine is back in….

A couple close spots in the trans tunnel that had to be opened up.


I did run into one issue…I mocked up the motor mounts with the stock sway bars. We upgraded to ST bars and the ST bar has a slightly different path than the stock bar. So the bar is hitting the oil pan. The engine really couldn’t go back any further anyway so we either have to go back to the stock bar or move the ST bar.

The two bars stacked…

So if I push the bar forward just a bit everything will clear the pan. I will make some mounts sorta like the e28 m5 off the frame rail.

I may have to get some different end links to keep everything lined up correctly.

Cut open the hole in the trans tunnel for the shifter. I will make an adapter to allow the screw on BMW knob to go back on and be centered in the surround.

Can anyone guess what this is? It’s new…

The list is getting shorter