A new one comes home

My wife used to have a 06 Mini Cooper S and we sold it for some unknown reason.  Recently she saw a classic Mini at a Cars and Coffee type event and wanted to be in a mini once again.  The search began that night.  The first plan was to import a car from the UK and just drive it.  Then a LHD mini showed up only 7 hours away from home at a very nice price.  Off we went and hauled it home.







Drove it around a little bit and it is sooo fun.  Even with such little power (which is soon to change).  It handles like a go cart, looks awesome, and is fun fun fun.

Now I am not a very big fan of carbs, not to mention this will be my wife’s DD, so it was going to be swapped to some sort of EFI.  After a bunch of reading I decided on doing a Honda vtec swap…..with an automatic transmission.  That is what my wife wants so that is what it will become.

I decided it was best to just buy an entire car for this swap and move over as much from the Honda as possible.  So back to craigslist and the search continued.  I ended up with a 97 automatic civic that was hit pretty hard in the rear.  Around 150k, runs great, and inside of the engine is really clean.

Not many pictures of the Honda but here it is…



Parting of the honda will start in the next month or so and then the Mini will start getting pulled apart.  Plans are…honda engine, cruise control, updated hvac with AC, folder vinyl roof, etc etc.  It’s going to be sweet!