even more wiring

More wiring….engine side is done and all wrapped up for the most part.  Still need to connect the grounds.  Next up I can tie the LSx harness into the BMW harness.  The e12 has some weird wiring so I am trying to track down where the fuel pump feeds from.

Some pictures….

Made the hole bigger going into the car

PCM connectors reach without extending wires!!  very good
You can also see the wires separated coming from the extra fuse box.

You can’t really see but where the wires turn towards the inside of the car I make some little marks with a marker so I can keep things lined up.


Then just like a cooking show…20 minutes in the oven and we are done

OBDII Port and other wires that will go into the cabin, CEL, VSS signal for speedo, power/ground for speedo, and one extra power line. (wideband for tuning if needed)

Wires over at the drivers side where they will tie into the fuse box.  coolant temp, oil psi, tach, fuel pump, 12v switched, start signal

Just another angle showing the routing.