Entire engine bay

I have been fixing a couple small things the past couple weeks.  Small exhaust leaks, oxygen sensor not giving a reading (bad connector not allowing the heater to work), etc

Here is the bad O2 sensor connector.  It was pushing the mating connector out and not allowing them to plug together.

Because of the lack of room I wasn’t able to use a flange to keep the pipes together so I had to use band clamps.  They were not sealing…mostly because I wasn’t cranking them down enough.  70-80ft lbs and now they are sealing.

Leaks are sealed up…got it aligned today.  And now on to doing some adjustments to the tune.  The PCM is from a 2002 camaro but then I blind adjusted it somewhat and it needs more fueling from what I have logged so far.  The PCM will pull it back with the O2 sensors to stoich but it is much better to have the tune very close and not need the PCM to adjust so much.

A couple pictures of the just about finished engine bay.  Still need to swap the AC drier, fill the AC, and put the strut tower brace back on.