New bushings in the rear subframe just about ready to go in


Front of the diff reinforcement

Got the rubber trans mount so the plan was to make the trans mount. Looking like I need to figure out the shifter situation before that can happen tho. This is a tr6060 so the shifter uses a linkage unlike on the t56. Trans has to be a little lower to give room for the linkage…

Thinking of using the camaro shifter holder and modifying it a bit.

BMW compared to the camaro shifter

The shaft diameter is just about the same so I am thinking a BMW knob will fit.

Camaro shifter pulled apart

What I am thinking is cut the arms that go to the trans off (where the ratchet is in the pic below). Then mount the camaro rear carrier to the bottom of the e36. Then weld the mounting location from the front (cut off) back a bit further to mount to the trans. Finally shortened the shifter linkage.

By lowering the back of the trans the space between the brake booster and valve cover it REALLLLLY tight. I will probally change the engine mounts so it sits a little lower and gives more clearance at the brake booster. I have about 3/4″ between the pan and the subframe right now so there is some room to go a bit lower.