It begins….

This swap is just getting underway and will be a little slow going as I am working on other swaps as well right now. The car showed up yesterday so I felt I should get the threads going. This car is being built for Steve for at He sells OEM and aftermarket parts…lots of BMW and VW. As well as many brands of performance parts.

As I build this car updates will come in this thread but they will come slightly earlier at the following URLS: and on my site
You can also follow updates as they happen on instagram @classicdaily

A quick overview of the build

88 E30 M3, DS on black
V10 S85 with 6 speed from a 2010 M5
Fortune Auto Coilovers
Completely rebuilt suspension
Big brakes (either will be Porsche 996 or brakes from a 135…hoping to go with 135 brakes but we will see what fits the best)
Engine will be run complete standalone with Megasquirt 3 Pro from DIY Autotune (lunch control, etc etc)

A few pictures of what is going on so far….

Here is what it is going into…. this is it coming off the trailer last night and going into storage for a bit

S85 when I picked it up a few weeks ago

Back of my truck…