AC and Fuel pump

Working on AC lines…

This is how they started.

I sent the lines out to an AC place to have a fitting brazed on that I can crimp to.
This is what came back. I bought a few different fittings as I wasn’t sure what just would work.

High side line down at the condensor.

Hoses coming off the compressor

Low side line that will be crimped.


I had an issue when driving it that I blew the fuel pump fuse. I remembered reading somewhere that the wiring to the fuel pump is fairly small and when upgrading to a bigger fuel pump it can draw more power than the wire can handle. So I ran a new 14 gauge wire from the front of the car at the fuel pump relay back to the fuel pump.

As you can see the stock wire is A LOT smaller than the when is feeding the new pump.

I also really didn’t like having the splice in the tank so I ran wire direct to the pump with a connector outside the tank. I punched the pins out of the pump housing and ran the wire right through.

Black tape on the one wire is just so I can tell which is ground.

In the car.

Then wire ran up to the front use a fuse at the relay.