Almost the first drive!

The plan was to drive it today but it has been raining ALL day here. The flares don’t have paint on them so I really don’t want to get water all over the flares before paint.
Hoping it stops tomorrow so I can drive it. Even just around the block.

Still worked on some things…the little jobs take time as well.
Installed a volvo pusher fan in the BMW shroud. Pushes a TON of air.

Mounted the trans cooler for good. Bracket back from power coating.

Clearance between the bracket and fan.

I had the BMW coolant temp sensor turned down from the stock M14 size to M12 to fit in the LSx head.

Where it lives….there is a BMW 2 pin connector that goes on the sensor. Just not connected in the pic.

I wasn’t very happy with how the caster was ending up with the bimmerworld fcabs…they are set inside and it was pushing the wheel too far forward. While it was clearing everything it just wasn’t right. So I switched from the offset bimmerworld fcabs to a centered bushing from condor speed.

Fitment before…

After…much better

Been also doing finish work on the flares. I’ll snap some pictures tomorrow of them.