Big Update

More stuff coming apart…

Hard to get pictures under the car with it not on the lift…but either way here are a couple

Engine is just about ready to come out.

Front struts just about all torn down….just need to pull the hubs (loosened allready) and backing plates then they can go off to the powder coater. For those that have done volvo brakes up front do you normally ditch the backing plate all together or trim it down?

Rear trailing arms more pulled apart….

Rear subframe pulled apart

engine is out


All the suspension parts are going to the coater tomorrow…
I was waiting for the front calipers to show up so I could trim the backing plates.

Trunk is starting to fill up with new parts


Getting back to progress on this project. Suspension parts back from the powder coater.

There is also a box of odds and ends but no picture of that.

New parts going together. Both of the front struts would have been together but some how one of the $2 strut bearing dust caps walked off.

Fresh powder coated strut housings, bilstein sports, and H&R springs

Rears…new vs old. Rear shocks were completely dead.


Getting things put together.

New steering rack bushings…these were a pain to get all put together.
old vs new

Mounted on the fresh subframe. Tie rods will get replaced once it is up on the lift.

Dark pic but on the car.

Drivers side

Passenger side…waiting on dust seal thing to put the strut all back together.


Rear suspension is just about all together. I miss ordered (or was shorted) and missed a dust seal for one of the rear wheel bearings. So that is on the way…to finish putting the other trailing arm together.

bad picture…

This diff will get pulled out when I build the LSD for it. But I needed something to be able to get the car back to a roller and moved over to the lift.

Brake calipers all pulled apart to go off to powder coat.

Pulled off all the wiring, intake, etc etc off the engine. It will get power washed and cleaned up before going in the car for the last time.

Up inside looks clean

e34 525 pan swapped on