Engine mounts

Passenger side mount.

From above

More than likely I will put a little piece like this below the mount. Just to make sure it is all supported.

Drivers side

From below

Same thing I will put a little piece below…(similar to this)


Well I ended up having to remake the mounts (or adjust a bit). The ones above put it right where everything fit well but when I made the trans mount I found that the stock e36 shifter carrier was about 1/2″ forward in the hole. So it was worth changing the mounts to center it and not have to make something else for the shifter.

Then after adjusting the mounts the intake wouldn’t clear the booster. So I had to adjust them again…everything clears now.

The trans mount is just tacked together in these pics. Once it comes out it will be fully welded and then cleaned up before coating.

Shifter carrier

Pushed back even further than above.

The ribs on the intake had to be shaved down to clear. Booster is closer but it is more than it looks in this picture. Also the engine really doesn’t move at all so no chance it could hit.

Some general pictures


I did forget that that the m5x/s5x has a 2nd rad hose and it needs to T into the return tank. The radiator shouldn’t actually have a cap. So the radiator I bought is going to either get returned or the cap removed.

But also now that the engine is 1/2″ further back a stock BMW radiator does fit. So….I am going to look for hoses that fit either the giffen rad or the BMW rad and will decide which one I will end up running.

This is an e30 M42 radiator.