Exhaust mock up

Looking so nice in the freshly painted bay

Today was spent building the exhaust…

X-pipe into Spintech

Sure is fun to tig…

From the headers it goes to magnaflow metallic cats, X pipe, then a spintech

Back half…at the back of the car before the tips is a dual in dual out magnaflow.

This was the LAST piece that went in to make it all work. Had to do this runner a few times before I was happy with it.

I must say this is the BEST exhaust system I have ever built. I am blown away every time I look at it. REALLY happy with how it all came together. I wish I had some hangers to get some better pictures rather than things being held up with jacks, etc. Next step everything will be fully welded. the two pipes from the spintech to the magnaflow need to be welded apart from the system as they are pretty close to each other in a couple spots and won’t be able to get the tig torch in there. Everything will get fully welded then go back up and hangers will be added. Along with the tips.

Shooting to be firing her up next week.