Tig Tig

Today is tig welding day….welding headers and waiting on UPS.

Sorry for the bad picture…not sure what happened here. Anyway the headers are stainless so they need to be back purged with argon.
Here is my back purge setup for a single tube.


Passenger side tubes all welded

A bead shot…might be a tad hot here.

On to the drivers side. Doesn’t look like much but it’s slow moving work. FUn stuff tho

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Better picture of the back purge…argon comes in the left and then there is a stopper in the right side of the tube.

I use a small torch but a Large Gas lens with the biggest cup I can get so that the weld has a nice blanked of argon.

Drivers side runners…all but one are done. I ran out of Argon….already have a filled tank but no more time today.


[QUOTE=ckpitt55;26570056]nice. what kind of tig do you have? looking to pick one up myself here in the near future.[/QUOTE]

It’s a no name AC/DC 200amp unit from ebay actually. I have a buddy that has been using one for awhile so I picked one up. I am VERY happy with it. It is one of the all in one plasma, stick, tig units. I only use it for tig really. Stable arc, etc etc.

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More welding today…all the runners are done and putting the headers back together. Inside the collector gets a merge bullet.

They start with 4 little peices

Go into this little jig




cleaned up

I forgot to snap a pic of the bullet on the header…inside for lunch at the moment. I’ll get some more in a bit.

Runner welded to the flange. They will get fully welded inside the flange for the most part.
That little drop must be from the end of the filler…that will get knocked off there.


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The Merge Bullet on the header

Collector isn’t welded yet but just to get the idea..


Welding for hours on end gets a little boring so I changed it up….also bending over the bench gives you a sore neck. I need something to raise the work piece higher when welding.

Anyway…first a sound deadening material went on the firewall.

Then a heat shield material. I have done this same setup on 2 cars before this and it has worked great.


Bad picture but heater hoses going to their new homes. Brake lines back in place.

Still unsure if I will come up through the battery tray for the heater hoses or not but this does look to be the cleanest route.