Well the car is still on jack stands but I couldn’t wait any longer.

Mounts will get made with it on the lift as it’s a ton easier to move things around but at least I can get an idea of where I want things to sit.

Engine is not in it’s final resting place…it needs to go lower in the front or higher in the rear (which will be tricky), also the front needs to go slightly to the drivers side, and the entire thing will go back a little bit more.

Intake clears the brake booster

Front the front…front of engine will be a tad lower or rear will come up.

Oil pan clearance to front sway bar

Front clearance…it will go back a little further. I pulled back the 320 vs 323 rad sheet metal.

intake off..

oil pan above subframe

I am going to have to trim this part from the oil pan as it is hitting the steering rack mount. Trimming will allow me to lower and adjust the engine where I want it.

Front exhaust manifold will need to be changed or switch to a set of headers.

Trans fitment…tons of room in the tunnel

Here is why I can’t go any higher in the rear tho. trans shift linkage is hitting the top of the tunnel. Tunnel will get massaged here and linkage might change…still up in the air.


Volvo and 323 calipers back from power coating.

Moved over to the lift…

Top of the tunnel where the shift linkage was hitting. It will get clearanced here just a bit.

Where the marker is is where the oil pan was trimmed…I thought I took a picture after it was trimmed but I guess not.

Waiting on a set of e36 headers to see if they will clear without having to make anything.


I bought set of cheap ebay e36 headers to try out…these are what a lot of the e30 swap guys run.

Here are the headers.

Figuring out just where the engine will live…pictures are in no particular order.

Trans centered in the tunnel

End of the headers

The pan is right about the same height as the subframe. This car will not be super low so if someone were to go really low a skid plate might not be a bad idea. Still adjusting the engine placement tho so…

Headers will need a little adjustment or the heat shield will need some adjustment.

Clearance at the booster…it’s close but more than what this picture shows. Ribs on the manifold will get smoothed down to give more room.


Engine is pushed pretty far back…

Will be running a 323 radiator or an aftermarket that will fit. You can see the 320 cover panel removed here. All the hoses will get welded up and smoothed

Originally mounts where going to be sitting on e28 535 rubber but I am thinking of going a different route and will make mounts like I did on the LS3 E36.
Here was the first idea…As you can see the engine is lower than the metal on the mount. I think this will make the mounts not as strong.

So I am planning to put the rubber..well poly at the engine itself. Like I did with the LS3 E36..as shown here.

An idea of how they will fit/look on the e21.

The drivers side will get a similar mount..but here was the first idea, which would work but I want both sides to match.

First idea


Griffen Radiator

Beginning of the mounts, 1.5″ ID DOM, poly bushing, water jet mounting ears

Drivers side will be either here.

or here

How the other piece of DOM will connect (this is a scrap piece)