Fitting the engine!

Started fitting the s85 into the e30.

It is sitting a little high in these pictures.

This is a WIDE engine.

Looks like we will be able to keep AC. This is a street car after all and will be driven.

The trans is tight in the tunnel but it fits so far without any adjustments. It might need a little opening up in a couple spots just to give good clearance but so far so good.

Might do something different with the heater hose connection to be able to push it back a little further and give a little more room here.

But it is pretty close to the firewall already.

The cat is built into the header and was hitting the bottom of the car. The plan was to cut them off anyway so off they go now.

These headers are equal length.

Inside the collector.

They dump in a nice location.

The main issue now is building a new subframe and/or modifing the oil pan to get everything to work.

You can also see the catless header here.

Steering shaft actually has a fairly direct shot. Might go to a smaller ujoint/shaft. Also something without the rubber flex disc.