new subframe

Well the subframe from before was a bust…. The z3 steering rack was wanting to be in the same spot as the header. So we start again.

The engine about in it’s final location

This is the e30 m3 rack rotated slightly down to clear the header.

Rack in it’s new home in the subframe jig.

Bending a piece to connect the dots

Trimmed down and tacked together

Testing and ears for rack

Boxing it in

You can see a piece of bent plate going under the pan here. This piece was fun to make.

Tacked together

Clearance to the pan…around 1/8-1/4″

Out of the car

I really like how this part came out. Some little open holes still.
Before (opposite side of after pic)


Still more cleanup needed.

Entire thing before welding…