It’s IN

This update is from a few weeks ago but just finally getting around to uploading all the pics and posting.

Welding the new subframe up.

Starting on mounts
drivers side

These will be fully boxed and also a new set of plates will be drawn and then water jetted. These are the mock ups.

Subframe with mounts welded on

And with both mounts connected. All this will be powder coated


Steering clearance

Adding another joint

And a locator

This is JUST a MOCK up. We needed to have the car movable to take to a show so this locator mount was just tacked on so the car can steer. There will be a stronger more elegant solution once the engine comes back out.

Rebuilt rear axles

A quick shot from the front.

The coilovers are turned all the way down here and there is about 3-3.5″ here. Yes it is close but the air boxes are about a 1/4″ from the hood.

Here it is at the vintage in NC a couple weeks ago.

Also it is looking VERY good that we will be using the stock DME. nando has been working on cracking it and it’s looking like it’s gonna happen.