more oil pan and mating engine together

Two extra holes had to be drilled and tapped for the oil pan. Marked where my fingers are.

iX uses m10 bolts for the engine mount arms while the s54 uses m8. So…. drilling and tapping out to m10.

passenger side tapped to m10

I forgot to take a picture of the passenger side mount. It required one bolting pad to be shaved down and then I used a pan head allen bolt to give more clearance around the vband on the manifold.

Drivers side mount bolts all line up except one. So the mount arm hole was opened up some. Left the m8 bolt on that one as the hole was already opened up a good deal. Other three are retapped to m10.

Exploded view of a soon to be S54 powered e30 iX

Cats cut off manifolds and 2.5″ vbands tig welded on….this pic was before the other vband showed up and it was welded.