SR20det beginnings

This is a unique one to say the least. The customer wanted a fast fun 2002 that would put a huge smile on his face every time he drove it. The car came with a rebuilt m10 but he wanted efi and a turbo…A Nissan S15 SR20det was picked to check those boxes.

So here we go.

Unwrapping with it’s new home in the background.

First test fit of the engine and a lot of things are in the way….booster, master cylinder, pedal box, steering box and linkage, etc etc….so things will have to move.

Switching to wilwood hanging pedals.

Steering rack


Turbo being mounted up top

Starting to fit the engine with trans (up to now the trans was always off)

Trans mount was pretty simple.

With the steering rack in the control arms had to be remade.

Engine mounts tacked together. Using e28 mounts

(pan will be replaced)

Lots of room for a radiator and fan