Should keep updating…

The AC compressor that is made to fit this engine didn’t have ports that would exit in the right spot. The trailblazer SS compressor has them on top and there is an available adapter to fit on it. But the issue is that the bracket made for the compressor doesn’t match the belt spacing for the engine. So after looking around at other options the best option was to just make a bracket.

Welded AC on fittings to the E46 lines to work on the Trailblazer compressor.

AC lines in place

Tieing the headers into the super sprint exhaust system.

Took a while to find a oil cooler adapter that would fit. After trying a couple different ones with thermostats in them the only thing that would fit was the stock adapter from a truck.

Heater valve was a BIT close to the headers and not much room to run any lines so we moved it up some.

Had the wheel color changed a bit.

Outside for the first time.