e46 ready to go home

Car is shipping out to the customer tomorrow. I have some in car video I need to upload but it is really hard to capture the power of this thing without being in it.

Weighed it today and it came back at around 3400lbs and has 525hp with 469ft tq. It’s pretty insane to drive.

Still some lights on in this pic but if you look close you can see the tach is working as well as the temp gauge. I had Thaniel over on bimmerforums make me a can bus adapter. I cannot say how great it was to work with him. He made many adjustments to the program and it works great.


Along with the canbus adapter being used for the gauges it is also helping make the racelogic traction control work. This runs off the canbus and is fed tach from the canbus adapter and wheel speed sensor signals from the e46 can bus.



Made some adjustments to the shifter rod to get it in the center of the console