Gotta STOP

Been spending some time on the brakes recently.

Will be running 135 brakes front and rear.

We bought e36 fitment wheels so we could space to fit and clear the brakes.

This is with about 12mm of spacing.

Front brackets were not to bad to make. Piece of 6061 aluminum… Stacked washers just used do to lack of hardware at the time. Brackets will be cleaned up some….edges rounded, etc.

We are using hats from IE with custom rotors from coleman. The hats have been installed INSIDE the rotors to give more clearance at the control arm ball joint.

Kinda hard to tell but nice and centered.

All mounted up.

Now the rears were a MUCH different story. We machined the calipers and removed the mounting ears.

There was VERY little room between the mounting bracket and the backing plate. To keep enough material left in the bracket some was machined out to give clearance at the backing plate.


The m5 uses a very odd radiator as it is actually two radiators stacked on top of each other. If BMW designed it that way we would love to keep it. But one issue is the m5 radiator is too wide.

Sometimes you have to cut…

The cut part will be completely boxed in.

And there we go…

The engine has been mounted but the trans has had a VERY temp mount. But that needs to change. So…getting going on that.

Just to show how big the e60 guibo is.

Mount will be two parts.

One that bolts to the trans (flat part in picture below) and then the cross brace. There will be a poly bushing in between (update on that when it shows up Tuesday)