Back to it!!

Build was delayed for a bunch of different reasons but things are starting to move along again. The goal is to have it for vintage in NC the endish of May.

So…back to some updates. This will be a bit of a hodgepodge until I get on a bit more of a schedule to keep up on updates.

We had taken a cut out of the drivers side frame rail to fit the e60 radiator.

So then we needed to box it back up.

And we wanted AC so to fit the compressor and lines a notch was required on the passenger side.

Will get some custom lines but the e60 ones are a start…

Fitting the air boxes and making mounts

Close to the ABS pump….

Similar setup on the passenger side.

The trans sits so high in the tunnel that there was NO room for the shifter carrier. So it got chopped and mounted a little different.
Start with some raw bits…

Weld raw bits together…I am getting better at TIGing Aluminum but still have a ways to go. It’s strong just not always pretty.

VERY short shifter linkage

Some captive nuts welded into the tunnel.

And bolted in

A video of it working….

Adapting the E30 to S85 Power steering lines…
Tig some AN6 fittings on each.

Then there will be a short line made to connect the two.

Fit the stock e60 oil filter.
Start with some cardboard

Turn that cardboard into aluminum

Weld and add a gusset (again not super pretty but not terrible…)


Extra Steering linkage mount needed due to the extra Ujoint. Had to figure a way to be able to remove the mount so came up with this…

With the engine in the car.

Hard to tell but there is more room than this pic shows.

Sway bar wouldn’t fit in the stock location so it was moved in front of the subframe.

Core support is removable so need to make it so it stays in…more captive nuts behind these allen bolts.