This project has been in progress or a bit but I am working on getting back to build threads and sharing more what we do. A little history…

1975 2002 with early bumpers
Orignally an automatic but swapping to a turbo M42 and a bunch of other fun stuff.
This build is one where nothing is being held back. If metal needs to be cut to make something fit better then it is being done.

The car

Original M10

Pull everything from the interior.

Even the sound deadening.

Some rust hiding in there.

Rear subframe out

Out comes the engine

Break down the front suspension

New front struts, H&R sports and billy sports

Reinforce front subframe.

Coated front subframe

Semi boxed rear trailing arms.

UGH rust…

Bottom side in the back cleaned and then re undercoated.

A lot more has been done already but we will leave it there for today. Will continue to update.