Cool all the things

These little guys are to mount the intercooler at the top. I am trying to make things as hidden as possible so they weld to the underside of the core support.

Terrible picture and not pretty welds but you get the idea…

Some welded in captive nuts at the bottom.

Then bingo a pretty big intercooler in a 2002. (for those 02 guys…you can see there has been a little bit of cutting that took place here to fit things how we wanted)

This car is getting AC as well so next up we need to fit a condenser.

Sandwiched in there

Then pulled out so you can see the upper/lower brackets for the condenser

captive nuts to bolt the condenser in.

We are running a disco potato on this build…so Garrett GT28RS (dual ball bearings, blah blah blah)

Time to make it fit…

Enough for now…more coming soon.