Cooling the air!!

Continuing on…working on the intercooler plumbing

Made this tool to be able to put a bead on the IC piping.

Short one from the turbo to the IC

I’m getting better and better an aluminum….

From IC to Throttle Body

Pulled back a bit

BOV placement

BOV flange welded on

Air filter setup…

This car will have AC so it needed a spot for a drier. Using a e30 drier as it is easy to replace if needed.
Small bracket..cad first

then metal

welded in and drier fitted with lower AC line mocked up

Then making other AC lines…
had to weld to the 318 compressor fitting and add a crimp connector.

on the car (mock up compressor)

low side mocked up

and welded

Line from drier to evap in car. Fill port comes up from down low.

Low side…this was later changed a bit.

hold downs for everything

All the lines mocked up

Crimped and painted

Inside the car