Well..who is Classic Daily.  This whole thing started out as a hobby for Jake as do most shops like ours.  It ramped up after I finished college (Music school of all things) and got a real job.  Once I got a job teaching K-12 music I had summers off and a bit of paid time on my hands.  I went golfing once and thought this is waste of time (sorry to to golfers out there) so I bought a 2 post lift to put in my home garage and started buildings cars for fun.  I built 4 cars for a guy in AR (thanks Andy) then an LS1 swapped e28 for myself and it took off from there.  I switched to part time teaching and part time Classic Daily.  That year we found a new location to rent that was MUCH bigger.  Once I was renting my wife said…well if you are paying for a building you better quit your job.  That’s just what I did.  We were then in that building for 4 years until the landlord needed it for his own business.  In April of 2018 we purchased the building that we are in now located in Kawkawlin, Michigan 48631.

We are a custom shop ONLY.  We do not do any general maintance or things like that.  Our goal is to build cars that people will enjoy on a daily basis.  That they can take their kids for ice cream after work and then thrash around a track on the weekend while driving home with AC.  We LOVE a challenge.  If there is something we cannot do, we learn how too.  All the while educating others along the way, (I was a teacher after all)

I thank you all for visiting our little spot in the world.  We are excited to share with you what we are passionate about.  Not just building cars but building people and relationships.  if ever you have a question give us a call, text, or fill out the form and we will get back to you ASAP.   

Call - 989-545-1799

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WOAH!!!!  What is going on here.?!?!?!  Our site has been waaay out of date for way too long.  We have been spending the past month…