1971 BMW 2002 Touring S52

Build019 1971 BMW 2002 S52 58

This was a SUPER fun and well funny build. This was done in the spring of 2015 right before Mid America 02 fest in Arizona. It was some what of a trade and a build for a good friend in Minnesota. He shipped his touring to us, then drove his 97 E36 M3 and then we combined the two.

This was a very QUICK, CHEAP, and DIRTY build. Our job was to get the engine in and make it driveable. Nothing more, nothing less. Once done we drove the car 700+ miles one way to AR after getting it running and driving it MAYBE 6 miles. It made a 1400+ mile trip without an issue and provided a lot of smiles and laughs along the way.

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So here I give you....Tickle.

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Build019 1971 BMW 2002 S52 14

Let’s take a drive.

As I said in the beginning of this build series, after swapping this car we drove it 700+ miles to

Build019 1971 BMW 2002 S52 49

Odds and Ends

Lots of little odds and ends with any build. This one was no different. Fitting a high pressure fuel pump

Build019 1971 BMW 2002 S52 62

Radiator and such

Seeing as we had to cut the engine shelf area out and the engine was living in the same space

Build019 1971 BMW 2002 S52 81

Engine Mounts

The owner of this car (Brando) worked at Blunttech for a little while with Steef P. There was a short

Build019 1971 BMW 2002 S52 05

Engine First Test Fit

Fitting an S52 really isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of cutting and banging. This car was far