1973 BMW 2002 SR20

Build012 1973 BMW 2002 SR20 167

We love doing odd swaps. I have not once turned something down because I thought it couldn't be done.

This is a Sr20 from a Nissan S15 from Japan. We moved the turbo up top...for multiple reasons and turned up the boost a bit.

To hold the power we built a custom rear subframe that used an E30 diff and trailing arms so it also had bigger axles and CV joints.

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Build012 1973 BMW 2002 SR20 188


There were a lot more odds and ends that went into this build… hooking up brakesoil feed/return to the turbospring

Build012 1973 BMW 2002 SR20 092

Custom rear subframe

When we started building this car the owner told me every time he drives this he wants to beat on

Build012 1973 BMW 2002 SR20 137

Downpipe and exhaust

The owner WANTED WANTED WANTED a 3″ downpipe. We could have fitted a 2.5″ downpipe much easier but we made

Build012 1973 BMW 2002 SR20 001

It begins!

When you look down at the pics you will see a tii engine, this is NOT a tii. It is