1974 BMW 2002 Auto M42

What a pretty car this was and is! This was the 3rd M42 swap we completed for the same customer. These car's were really what started it all. What started out as a straight forward M42 swap (with an automatic trans) turned out to be another learning experience. Once the engine was in the car it would run but also kick, buck, and even spit flames, all of which needed sorting out. After hours of diagnosis we found that the M42 specifically used a 180 degree thrust bearing that is prone to wear. The first M42 that went into this car had around 1/4" of crank walk (in an out play of the crank). So out came the engine and another put in it's place. The second engine ran MUCH better.

Top down view as it is going together

E36 shifter surround and buttons installed

Like it was meant to be there.

This one got Air Conditioning

How we fit the throttle linkage on the M42

Oh...it also got cruise control