1974 BMW 2002 Turbo Replica

Build034 1974 BMW 2002 M10 Turbo 61

This car came to us already as a turbo replica. It started as a 74 2002tii and someone added all the turbo spec bits. Everything that was added was legit 2002 turbo from the kfish pump to the seats. Well the issue with doing this is it ran like garbage and no one could or wanted to tune the thing (including us). In 1974 the technology they were using was cutting edge but by today's standards it was ancient. So the plan was to pull off all the old mechanical fuel injector (egads!!) and install microsquirt. Blasphemy you say...well it wasn't a real turbo to start with and the owner wanted to drive it rather than work on it. So in we went.... Click through the blog posts below to learn how we did it or just scroll through the pictures in the gallery link at the top. 

If you have any questions drop us a line...we are always excited to share and chat about what we have built.

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Build034 1974 BMW 2002 M10 Turbo 59

All back together….

Skipped a little bit as we only had so many pictures while putting this together. But to give an overview….it

Build034 1974 BMW 2002 M10 Turbo 40

IAVC Whoas…..

Well in the last post I told you one reason to choose the Ford throttle body was to use the

Build034 1974 BMW 2002 M10 Turbo 30

Let’s Build a Fuel Rail

This M10 2002 with mechanical fuel injection would not work with Microsquirt. We had a choice to make. Either run

Build034 1974 BMW 2002 M10 Turbo 01

Inspection and Tear Down

Mmmmmmm Fresh Meat! It is always exciting when a new project shows up. This car arrived in Very nice condition,