1976 BMW 2002 Turbo M42

Wow I LEARNED a TON building this one. We built this car in the fall of 2011. It was the first turbo manifold I had ever built including the first complete tune on my own. There were many issues along the way when it came to tuning as we used the stock Motronic unit. The biggest issue being where to scale the injectors. Notice that the picture shows the AFM as a push through. That is not how the car left. It ended up having a draw through AFM. Follow along below showing the process and check out the gallery link at the top bar.

Turbo Placement

IE Wilwood big brake brakes

VW Rear Disc Brakes

Collector tacked to head flange

One runner tacked in place

Runners 2-4 tacked together

Entire manifold tacked up

Not bad for my first-ever turbo manifold

Downpipe in place

38mm wastegate plumbed from manifold to downpipe