1985 BMW 528e LS1

Build005 1985 BMW E28 535 LS1 294

This was the FIRST LS swap we have done. It was a personal car before I was building cars full time for a living. I had a 99 E46 AWD wagon that was very practical but VERY boring and it didn't get very good fuel mileage.

My wife and I had just found out we were having a child so what's the best thing to do? Sell your practical/safe car and build a 30 year old sedan with an LS1 and 6 speed manual.

I picked up a semi solid E28 with a bunch of neat parts...suspension upgrades, euro bumpers and cardinal red interior.

It was a bit rusty but my plan was to drive it year round so it didn't bother me much.

Follow the build below or click the gallery link above for LOTS of pictures.

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Build005 1985 BMW E28 535 LS1 299

Finished up!

There was a lot more needed to finish this up but there are only so many pages and explanations from

Build005 1985 BMW E28 535 LS1 223

Wiring and exhaust

This was the first LS harness I had ever done. I striped the entire loom down to each circuit then

Build005 1985 BMW E28 535 LS1 189


The point of this car was to be like-new on the underside but still look like a 30 year old

Build005 1985 BMW E28 535 LS1 038

Exhaust manifolds

The e28 was not intended to have exhaust exit on the drivers side, so we were limited on space. The

Build005 1985 BMW E28 535 LS1 031

Engine mounts

First task at hand was to yank off the F-body oil pan and put a front sump GTO pan in

Build005 1985 BMW E28 535 LS1 003

The start!

As I mentioned on the first page, I picked up an 85 e28 528e with a bunch of nice parts