1988 BMW 535 LS1

Build013 1988 BMW E28 535 LS1 105

When this car showed up it was U G L Y. In the first blog post you will see that someone painted it BRIGHT green. Under the bad paint it was a solid car though. The owner got it for a good price and sent it up to us.

This one was supposed to just get a used LS1 / T56 combo, cam swap, new paint, some suspension work, and then be sent on it's way. Well....when we pulled the old cam out we found the bearings were very worn. So it ended up getting rebuilt here in house.

All the suspension got rebuilt and powder coated, powder coated and tucked bumpers and some clean style 5 wheels.

This was SUCH a great driver!!

Read the build below or check the Gallery link above.

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Build013 1988 BMW E28 535 LS1 119


Not all that much to say here…. everything got hook up. Running a bit of shake down and it was

Build013 1988 BMW E28 535 LS1 088

Engine going in!

With the suspension all done the engine could finally go in the car and get hooked up. This got a

Build013 1988 BMW E28 535 LS1 063

Suspension refresh

With the upgraded/rebuilt engine and fresh paint we couldn’t leave the suspension and brakes alone. All of the reusable parts

Build013 1988 BMW E28 535 LS1 124

UGLY…then not.

This car came to us taiga green. Which on a 2002 or e9 looks great. On a slightly more modern