1990 BMW E30 325iX S54

Build022 1990 BMW E30 325iX S54 228

Yes it's an iX and yes it is still AWD.

The customer came to us looking for a swap for his iX. This was something VERY different for a us and proved to be quite a challenge. Retain AWD and add a bunch of power...easy right!?

On a positive note, the Getrag trans that is used with the M20 will bolt right up to any 24v engine, including the S54. The bad thing about this is it needed a custom oil pan. Eh...time to learn.

We also completed suspension and interior work while the car was with us. This thing was a true snow machine!

Follow the build below or click the gallery link above for A LOT of pictures.

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Build022 1990 BMW E30 325iX S54 199


I didn’t post every little detail of this build but there are a TON of pictures down in the gallery

Build022 1990 BMW E30 325iX S54 094

In progress

Good bit of fabrication and custom lines/connectors made to make this all work. We had to make manual brakes work…the

Build022 1990 BMW E30 325iX S54 075

S54 going in!

With the custom oil pan built the S54 could actually fit into the iX. The engine mounts from the iX

Build022 1990 BMW E30 325iX S54 014

Oil pan time

I always give credit where credit is due. This is not my idea for the oil pan. Others have done

Build022 1990 BMW E30 325iX S54 003

Bye Bye M20

The M20 removed to make room for more…a lot more. 333hp S54 time!! Fairly easy pulling this all apart as