Engine Calibration and tuning

No matter if you need something simple like DOD/AFM delete on a Chevy truck or full tuning on a standalone freshly built turbo engine we are here to help.  We are not the type of tuners that make everything seem like magic.  This is a science and we want you to be part of your cars tune.  If you want to learn along the way we are more than happy to explain and teach exactly what we are doing to get to the end goal.  The journey and solving problems is the fun part and why we do the things we do.   We have most experience tuning LSx (HP tuners), BMW platform (Motronic, MS41/42/43), Standalone (megasquirt,VEMS,etc) but have no problem applying current knowledge to new platforms and different versions of software. 


Every tuning job is different and we understand that there are no cookie cutter soluions out there.  If you would like to discuss your project please contact us.

We can flash/tune your ECU in person, mail order, or a remote tune.

Pricing depends on the application.