LSx Harness Rewire Service

LSxharness 001
LSxharness 002

Wiring is one thing that we LOVE to do.  We are SUPER particular about how this is done and only use the best procedures and products.  We can rework both gen 3 and 4 LSx harnesses.  All of our fuses boxes use metric pack crimps and seals.  All joints in the harness are crimped and sealed with dual layer heat shrink.  All wire used is Automotive grade TXL cross-link wire.  All wires needed to be connected to your chassis will be labeled for easy hook up.  All harnesses are wrapped with Tesa cloth tape.  

In addition to harness rework we can flash your PCM to your specs.  If you have a cam swap please let us know so we can set you up with a base tune. (wild cams do require in person tuning but we can at least get you started).  If you need an in person dyno tune please let us know as we have an AWD chassis Dyno in house.

Harness rework pricing starts at $250 for no fans or PCM tuning.  Rework with dual fans is $280.  Any special requests (4l80e swap, DBC conversion) or connector replace is billed as needed.  $150 to flash the PCM with any specs you require.

If you would like to have a harness done please fill out the form below will all the specs you require.  If you are unsure of anything please leave it blank and leave us a note in the details.  Harness work is billed once the harness is complete.