Restoration and Engine Swaps

Build028 1970 BMW 2002 M42 Restoration 232

From a stock restoration to crazy full on engine swap.  We have seen a little bit of everything over the years.  

Our goal is to build you a car that you can drive every day and keep a smile on your face while doing so.  We are happy to build a full on show car to something that might have a bit of “character” but be rock solid mechanically. 

Here is a quick list of some jobs we have completed.

  • Engine Swaps
  • Rust Repair and sheet metal work
  • Interior Work
  • Custom turbo kits and tuning
  • Body/Paint
  • And MUCH MUCH More

Every swap is different and we approach them all that way.  We don’t expect you to want things exactly how we see them and our goal is to make your idea a reality.  (yeah I know, corny.  but TRUE).  Or if you need help with ideas we are ALWAYS willing to help guide you and will explain each step along the way.  We can handle the entire build or just a portion of it.   

There are always MANY questions as to how the process works.  How long will it take?  How much will it cost?  How is payment handled?  How is communication taken care of?  All I can say is that EVERY swap is different.  We want to make the processes enjoyable for both us, and the owner.  We are not changing your oil in your daily driver. We are building something that we can all be proud of and every time you walk away from it you will want to turn around and look back.  Take a look through the builds we have already completed and the featured pictures below.  If you want to discuss your project send us a message to get the ball rolling.